Can anybody provide me a guide to effects of Kava by dosage?

I know everybody's experiences are different, but in standard, what can I expect from a low, medium, and dignified dosage? What would be considered a high dosage contained by terms of kava extract or tea?

kava is used for anxiety
u should be inwardly safe dosage
my favorite doctor, honest in automatic medicine told me this:
Suggested Use: 1kava kava tablet a hours of daylight or as needed. Do not exceed 2 kava kava capsules a afternoon. It's best not take kava kava more regularly than 3 days a week. Take a week off respectively month. Some people accessible the capsules to sort a kava kava tea or drink in a kava kava bowl, but it doesn't piece that good. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms go off explains it all. It depends if its an gooey extract (10 drops) or a tea bag (1-2 bags) and the potency. if you thieve a lot afterwards you might collapse or wobble around because cava relaxes your muscles. It can make it look close to you are having a heart attack; you should be okay after an hour or so and some marine and sleep.
When I was contained by Fiji the Fijians were drinking kava within the bar instead of booze.

I drank slightly a bit and felt no effects whatsoever.

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