Do cigarettes administer a creative buzz?

If I'm not mistaken, cigarettes impair blood flow. That means smaller amount blood flow to your brain.

No. They might make you get the impression sick and dizzy, but not creative.
I don't believe that all cigarettes contribute a buzz, maybe a short time ago specialty ones.
they don't give you any nice of buzz. what they give you are cravings (after you've be smoking for a while), you get sick more than usual, receive you age faster, you can get nicotine hangover, you can't breath right, your clothes,hair and breath smells awful and departure could be your biggest reward for smoking. how do I know? I have smoked for over 45 yrs and hold been trying to quit to salvage the rest of what I might hold left for a life span.
yeah if your idea of a "creative buzz" are addiction and black lungs. go for it, sounds close to a great idea.
umm no
Never hear that one before...
It is your doubt, cigarettes do not dispense creative buzz.

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