How to draw from over the flu?

My Mom has have the flu for about a week she is better very soon and able to catch out of bed but she still is very watery w/ dissiness are there any herbal remedies to assistance her get over the cough and delicateness? Or any websites which state any remedies

Rest number one also make this drink , 1 tea sponn of honey, I spoonfull of crushed ginger, 1 squesed lemon surrounded by a mug the fill near boiling water if you resembling put 2 crushed paracetemol in aswell.
Get economically soon
a lot of rest and seriously of fluid
rest and lots of fluids how to... is a good verbs to check if you want to...we use vitamin C, vitamin E, B complex, nicain,zinc...and believe it or not garlic is a natural antibiotic(you can look that up) I doubted it too, hubby be ill and looked up fluent remedies..and he was better ina week...appropriate garlic pills 2 every four hours...lots of fluids are key...hope it help
Actually, she needs to drink lots of hose, but she'll have to work her strength hindmost up. For every day you're laid up, it take ten days to recover...this is why I don't lay around when I'm sick! She also requests to take vitamins. Hope she get back to common soon and hope nobody else gets the flu!

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