Can acupuncture support you forget nearly some one?

can acupuncture help you forget in the order of someone you like like mad?

No, but it can stimulate your endoprhins so you don't feel depressed or as down in the mouth.
No all acupuncture does is relax muscles to stop discomfort and give you more mobility.

It have nothing to do beside your memory!
unfortunately not. If acupuncture can agree to me forget my bad memory, I would have had acupuncture long time ago...
No. That's what whiskey is for. (Not really. Go to any stick and you'll find some guy in the corner moanin' roughly speaking his broken heart from 20 minutes or 20 years ago.

Actually, long walks or other exercise help to keep those refusal vibes from getting you down.

Nothing shy of Brainwashing or super deep hypnosis will remove someone from your memory.

WHat you could do is use EFT on the emotion that you are feeling because they are gone.

get to and download their free manual. It really does work on gloomy emotions and memories. IT will not remove the memory, but it will modification how you feel just about it. Best of all it's free and smooth to learn.

No. Acupuncture is adjectives about invigorating. To forget someone, try hypnosis. Go to a good hypnotherapist and he will do the rest. But merely a word of caution, if you hold the person firmly implanted surrounded by your subconscious, then not a soul can do anything for you as you create a mental block automatically. If something has gone wrong, try to see common sense and patch up the differences instead of forgetting a person you love.
Smoke deeply of pot!!

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