Dangers of taking adderall beside sleeping pills?

I used to be prescribed to Adderall for years before finding out how horrible it is for you. Well i be wondering if there be any information about the danger of taking Adderall and then taking sleeping pills because i am worried roughly my Husbands mother!

Also does anyone know any good intuitive alternatives to useing adderall?

well they are the complete opposites, she might involve the sleeping pills because the adderall wont let her sleep.. i use to thieve adderall but it made me feel cracked out and my mind wouldnt stop race.. depending on your mother in-laws health i would ask the doc. they dont seem to be like they would mix ably at all.. red flag
ask a pharmacist
lots of b 12 (sublingual) the contemporary Focus vitamins that are on the market. lots of potassium from food or supplements . closely depends on how old you are. i'm 56 and I rob adderall and it makes a big difference for me. lacking any side affects. keepgtrying till you find what's right for you.

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