Can Vitamin B complex supplement be taken while taking Centrum multivitamin tablet?

Yes, you can take an extra vitamin B supplement next to a multi vitamin and mineral supplement. Centurum is not the best multi vitamin supplement on the market however. May I suggest Swiss. It have a specific supplement for either men, women or children. The formulae is femininity specific and also contains herbs and trace minerals including chelated minerals. Chelated designation they are from a plant source and therefore own greater absorption in your system.
An excellent vitamin B supplement is Blackmores Executive stress. It is a slow release formulae over a period of 8 hours so you do not obligation to take 3 or 4 tablets a daylight to ensure Vitamin B absorption.
Yes, B Complex can be taken next to a multivitamin but I wouldn't personally recommend Centrum.

B vitamins are in actuality water-soluble and should be taken througout the day fairly than all at once to seize optimal benefits.

Hope this is helpful and have a feeling free to contact me with question.
Since B vitamins are water soluble what your body doesn't have need of or can't use it would take a adjectives to cause toxicity. I hold also heard that highly few of the vitamins etc. in Centrum are truly released for the body to use. It is preferrable if possible to use vitamins and other supplements contained by capsule form. If you can, it would be a accurate idea to speak to a naturopath in the region of your questions. Just cause a list and bear it with you and that would use your appointment time sagaciously.
Centrum is a *terrible* vitamin. Try Solgar or some other brand. B vitamines are water soluable. Not sure why you would requirement so much vitamin B--unless someone told you have a not as much as. For example, alcoholics sometimes have serious Thiamine (B1) deficiency.
Yes. B vitamins are water soluble, so you cannot overdose on them. They do turn your urine a really bright washed out, so don't be surprised to see that.

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