Any truth to........

is there any truth to vinegar helping to lower bloodpressure?if so back me out with a join or web site for recipe or anything you might find compassionate?

Mike, if you have lofty blood pressure, switch to sea brackish to start. You'll need to coppers your diet and that can help dramatically. Read The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. It explains seriously about how the blood works and he's done extensive research and shares it near the reader in layman's lingo. He makes the diet appear not only attainable, but undemanding as well. My cholesterol level went from 300 to 145 contained by just two months! Sea brackish is a softer salt, wildly it moves with the oceans tides and therefor is easier on the body. Try using more seasoning instead of saline, like garlic, onions, chomp through plenty of whole grain. These will help to bring down the blood pressure and also serve to clean out cholesterol for you which usually go hand within hand.

Best of luck, my friend.
I'm not really sure if it will lower it but it does lean your blood. It can cause things similar to bloody noises if you drink to much.
No truth whatsoever.Vinegar have a lot of uses.It is used by some as a funds of treating Arthritis. But it is a potent acid, and doesn't agree next to everyone If you have lofty blood pressure it is due to many different reason. A lot is due to stress. Some due to obesity. Some to lifestyle. Some to Diabetes. Don't mess next to high blood pressure. Nothing herbal works. Get yourself the proper drugs.
Mixed reports
try for more info
Nope, ancient wives tale.

Things that do comfort:

Staying completely away from salt (Use lemon instead)
Garlic (capsules or pills, low odor or regular)

If it comes to the point where on earth a person desires meds, they need to purloin them to control hbp. It is known as the silent murderer. People die every year from anurysms due to uncontrolled high bloodpressure.

Good luck!
I am not sure almost vinegar.
I am south American and we drink coca tea to lower blood pressure over 12k feet above marine level you involve to control your blood sugar and pressure and coca tea is a natural agency to do it
I don't know about vinegar.

But three scientists be awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering what relaxes arteries. (When they relax, the blood pressure goes down.)

The compound is nitric oxide. The biggest source is arginine. Taken on an empty stomach, it will bit by bit lower blood pressure.

BTW, many drugs that lower blood pressure variety you feel tired, decrease sexual performance, AND they increase the heart, which is a very doomed to failure thing.

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