Cure for hunch unsettled lacking medication?

Because I have motion sickness tablets, but it makes me so sleepy. So I'm looking for an alternative.

By the path, if it helps for you to know. I obtain nauseous from playing 3D video games. I don't enjoy a serious illness or anything, surrounded by fact I read that slightly a few people out near have it. It have nothing to do beside me sitting to close to the TV either.

Using ginger or peppermint tea and if you don't enjoy that handy, eat a pack of nab. I have used nab for years to help me near motion sickness and plane trip and ocean fishing and the dough and peanut butter give weight to the stomach and keep that chemical complex from taking you over.
3-D video games are notorious for doing this and I own to go massively slow playing so I don't get sick. Your eyes are not competent to react and focus to adjectives the color spectrum's quickly satisfactory, thus making you sick. You may have to shift back to the standard move about react as swiftly as you can. I doubt if your system will ever adjust though. Try the nabs.
I've never have that happen past...

I think that aroma psychiatric help would help seriously. I get sports car sick sometimes in busses, and lavender help me. Look into some of the aromatherapy stuff and try some candles or incense burning when you're playing, or what I do: get the essential grease, dab for a time on your wrist and when you start feeling sick, cart a sniff.
Vitamin B tends to attain rid of nausea so taking a vitamin B complexe vitamin with backing with your nausea surrounded by the long run. Eating foods rich in vitamin B backing as well.
Try intake a peppermint or a spoonful of dry Jello mix. It works.
Ginger root tea or capsules may be supportive. They worked better than dramamine in one study, minus drowsiness.
Homeopathic Nux Vomica or Ipecacuanha also help relieve nausea in need side effects.
Good luck!
I believe I heard that sucking on a lemon for motion sickness and for plain ol' nausea a tea made of two emaciated slivers of ginger. Don't worry, it's extremely frothy tasting.
Hi Bats,

This is another vote for ginger!

Good luck.

Ginger is probably one of the most recommended for motion sickness.One study found ginger root more influential than dramamine.It is best to take ginger at least possible 4 hours before your ride.Peppermint can worsen heartburn if you enjoy it.
SIT still...

drink dairy products, and fatty things...

avoid - beer wine sweets fizzy drinks that kinda stuff
Try pure peppermint!

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