Can homeopathy abet curing thalassemia?

as i m taking teblets of iron. but i believe more in homeopathy.plz sustain.

As you probably already know, homeopathy will NOT kill you. It's one of the safest modalities one could possibly use.

Oftentimes the folks who misgivings things like homeopathy, will blithely lug pharmaceutical medications, never giving their actual danger a second thought.

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Stay away from will kill you. As you know Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder where on earth patients are not able to generate enough blood hemoglobin.

Treatment includes blood transfusions, chelation psychiatric therapy, stem-cell transplantation and hormone replacement, among other things.

There is no cure for Thalassemia but it is manageable and you can live a relatively long and productive energy with the right supervision.

Don't take iron unless it is prescribed by your doctor because you should know what amount you inevitability each morning and take exactly that amount. Normally, iron to be precise sold over the counter won't be sufficient for your condition.

Again, don't even consider homeopathy treatment.

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