Noni Juice?

What are the benifits of it? I also wanted to know does it help out with stomach pains?

Answers:    I don't consider it helps stomach pains, but my husband have taken it for 10 years. He is now 60 and doesn't enjoy high blood pressure, cholestrol or anything close to that (even though he has a domestic history). The doctor keeps relating him he is healthly as a horse.

I am 48, never took noni juice, and help yourself to blood pressure and cholestrol medicine. I also enjoy osteoporosis. So - I am falling apart and he is perfectly strong, even though he has a worse line history than I do!

I'm hitting the juice immediately, folks.
unlikely to help beside stomach pains
it is a good source of antioxidants, but they can be have in much smaller number expensive ways

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