Does anyone hold a polite remedy for Crohns?

I had the deeply begining stages of this, and both of my cousins have crohn's one have had surgery to try and aid it, someone introduced me to this newer all unprocessed juice call Xango, it has the total mangosteen fruit from asia in it and it have what's called Xanthones which near are 40 different ones in it so it does a ton of different things.anyways, sorry I lately get excited sharing this adjectives with empire it has made such a difference surrounded by so many lives. It have completly helped me I no longer enjoy any symtoms at all and my cousins newly started it, but they both feel better afterwards they ever had already! check it out for yourself.
Have you tried a Yahoo go through for Crohns + treatment (OR cures Or remedies)?
In Dr. Andrew Weil's book 'Spontaneous Healing' He suggest that TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) would be worth trying for a wide intensity of chronic degenerative conditions including Chrohn's disease (page 242). In the Appendix of his book he gives a schedule of sources for finding practitioners, supplies, and information; he list:

The American Foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine
505 Beach Street
San Francisco, California 94133

Phone # 415 776-0502

There is no website nominated, however, I'm sure you can find more info about them on the network.

Good Luck finding what you are seeking!
Dr. Weil can also be found on 'Yahoo' under Health. I, intuitively am a strong believer in his teachings.
You call for to obtain and read a copy of 'Digestive Wellness' by Elizabeth LIpski. I don't know of any trickery bullet specific for this complex disorder. "Prescription For Natural Cures" also has a appropriate section on this disease. Good luck!

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