Can you officially put up for sale a drug that's not FDA approved?

honestly... what do you think?

Even "alternative" medicine and supplements, like herb, have passed FDA regulations if they are sold on the souk. That doesnt mean, necessarily, that they are approved by the medical enclosed space as a means of curing or doesn`t matter what.

The medical field doesnt enjoy to approve of its use to be able to slap a sign saying "not unfit for human consumption", which is really adjectives FDA approval is.

I suppose the only exceptions are drugs going through human trials... but they would put that on the sticky label, Im sure.
The majority of Diet Pills are not FDA approved. They only flog a few billion dollars worth of them every year.
It's done everyday. There are plenty.. plenty of drugs sold at drug stores, health food stores and grocery stores that don't hold the FDA seal of approval. It is, however, stated on the bottle, "Not FDA approved", to be legalized.
No. You could sell a "Dietary Supplement", though.
(That's what most herbals and diet pills are, see the previous two answers.)
If the product is a Drug, you must achieve FDA approval, otherwise they can seize adjectives the product, close the factory and fine the owners. If what you want to sell is herbal, later you must convince the FDA that it is NOT a drug, plus you must limit what you say aloud about it so that it doesn't nouns like a drug. (It cannot treat or cure any disease - it can solitary "support healthy functioning".)

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