Do you recommend someone taking drugs?

I've never taken much more seen an banned drug. How does it look like?

Umm...what?? Let me report you, I'm not that old in a minute (27), but when I was younger I took only just about every drug that be ever invented, some many times, and I am still on the Dean's List at my college today. I don't mess next to that life anymore (after I get arrested), but I see nothing wrong near trying things for yourself. Unless you're a kid. Wait until you can legally move out first. Don't permit hypocrites who have never once done them communicate you drugs are bad, and individual illegal drugs will verbs you, while they take a drag sour their cigarette and down another shot of scotch (tobacco and alcohol are two of the biggest known cause of death within the US). And remember that our own president was a coke commander when he was younger. The knob is moderation.

All the drugs look different. My only counsel is to be careful, because a "crime" where on earth the committer and the victim are equal person (not hurting anyone but yourself) is more historic to the police than catching a serial killer or rapist. Jails are jam-packed with inmates arrested for the possession of marijuana alone, so much that they're running out of room to put the truly furious people. Someone who smokes a integrated is just as big of a threat to society as this dude here who robbed a ridge, or this guy who burned a church, and so on. My god, this country is so ***-backwards in infallible areas. But this is the land of the free!

Anyway, enjoy a nice trip!
your mother

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