Are adjectives chiropractic office approaching this?

I am very grateful to hold a job but I in recent times started working for a chiropractic office, and the assistants own to do so many job like verbs the bathroom, clean the blinds, defrost the fridgerators surrounded by addition to humanitarian for the patients doing EMS and ultrasound and preparing the patients for therapy doing laundry etc etc you you mull over this is a lot of work anyone they only foot 10.00 an hour? Is this normal?

For Calif...$10 is for a time low but some do it.$12 or $13 is more likely for front desk/reception. Check next to a couple temp agencies in your nouns and tell them you are doing some research and ask what is the regular rate for what you are doing.
no..NOT at all. You should solitary do, front office and minister to with the patients. The rest should be done by outside staff. (cleaning staff) and you should be making more than $10.
More similar to $12-13
What else do you expect for working in a Quack's organization??
It depends on the job description. Hopefully here was a detailed post description when you got the position. I can understand why you would not expect to do adjectives of the chores that you listed, but if this be the expectation going in it is not unheard of.

I revulsion to say it, but the guy who give the "quack" comment may not be too far off. Chiropractors are well-mannered at cracking your back, taking x-rays, other finding something wrong, but nothing so wrong that you would own to go to someone who have actually have medical training--instead many repeated visit to their office should do the trick until the subsequent inevitable and often concurrent misallignment. When you hold in mind that this is their mode of doing business, it may not be surprising to find that your opportunity description was the bait segment of a bait and switch operation.

Good luck, and in any covering it sounds like you are underpaid. Do you go and get any benefits?

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