Do you know a proved home remedy for SORE muscles that works surrounded by smaller number than an hour?

I have be doing a lot of skip,gymansyics and karate and my muscles are SOOO SORE!! I am 13 and feel 80! Whenever i stride up and down steps my legs hurt! Whenever i stand up my muscles hurt! PLEASE give me some home remedys!! This niggle is interfering with my each day activities! Plus i HATE taking pills!!

I revulsion taking pills as well.
All my enthusiasm I have be active...track, spring...etc. When I want to relieve sore muscles I head straight for a hot tub with any brand of hip bath soaks that have a combined untaught sea saline and sodium bicarbonate. Any scent of choice is fine too.
After a 15 minute hot bath...start running cold hose to cool it way down so you are almost taking a cold hip bath for the last 5 to 10 minutes. If you are still hurting when you return with out, do gentle restrained stretching and deep breathing exercises.

Usually intake carbohydrates will help as capably.
massaging mechanism
take a reheat bath. after relax a little.
Epsom Salt Bath
The fastest channel to get rid of soreness from pursuit is, surprise, more activity! Moving around slowly and warm up your body will get rid of the soreness faster than any medication.
One of the best products for sore muscles is sports cream,works great and have no offending odor.George
Take a nice hot bath next to epsom salts. It works totally well.
Arinca gel or emulsion will help instantly.

It is, contains no drugs or medicine.

It is available from form food stores. It isn't expensive.

It is very protected even for babies.

Apply it to the sore areas as required.
Hi there

Try and nice heat up bath.

gill (UK)
You should not be this sore!! Stretching alot formerly your exercises should help. Stretching after, too. Soaking at darkness in a heat Epson salt hip bath always take the lactic acid out of your muscles. Or, travel and get a polish to push the lactic acid out as resourcefully!!
Good luck.
here is a web site that would be perfect to examine for various requests
works immediately
Take a heat bath and put almost 4drops of rosemary oil contained by it and 4 drops of lavender also in the hip bath. Or you could use the same oil in a wipe oil mix but be sure to mix 3 drops of respectively in an grease base close to sweet almond oil. You could also use eucalyptus instead of the rosemary next to the lavender.
NO IDEA IF THIS WORKS but, in one of the ending health magazine I got here within Switzerland (land of alternative med.'s) it said to eat cranberrys right after working out to lessen muscle pain. Perhaps something near the acidity of the fruit?!? I know I hold heard of it former times as well. Don't forget to be charitable to your body and take some days stale for your muscle to recoup!!
Try TIGER BALM its roughly mentol and speariment oil and you only massage it into your skin where on earth it hurts. Also those Thermacare heat pad work pretty well.

you might want to check beside your doctor to makes sure you didn't cleave or pull something for unadulterated.
Hi Jaqualine.
On of the best ways to manage stress and contained by turn reduce affliction, is to employ some sort of low impact, muscle soothing exercise, similar to basic yoga, tai chi, or wet aerobics. These types of exercises not only stretch the muscles and maintain them limber and lithe, but they effectively "massage" and calm muscles, hold very little impact on joint, strength the supportive muscles of the back, and can even give a hand reduce inflammation contained by the body. The mind-body connection is extraordinarily strong, there is almost certainly - just start an exercise routine close to this and I guarantee your mood, pain and anxiety virtually de-ice away.
Jason Homan

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