Can anyone relate me any herbal "stuff" that can speed up the restorative of wounds, but not but properly proven?

its for our investigatory project so pls help

honey, aloe vera, tea tree grease
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera not only heal but renews the skin like a babies
Myrrh have been used for thousands of years surrounded by the Middle East to heal wounds and burns. I instinctively swear by comfrey salve and used it for years as diaper unthinking ointment for my children. Olive grease and beeswax are often used surrounded by salves as bases--they too enjoy healing abilities/properties. In Italy and Greece, it is adjectives for mothers to rub olive oil on their chidren's skin to condition, moisturize, alleviate and protect them. Propolis (from bees also) has one of the most potent antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral effects surrounded by nature, and can be taken internally or externally. Other herbs/substances normally used in health-giving salves are: comfrey, goldenseal, echinaecea, calendula, alfalfa, clover, french clay, oats, mugwort (especially surrounded by Japan where mugwort is put into plasters and also used surrounded by cooking (ie mugwort mochi) and given to women to strengthen them before and after childbirth.), dandelion, yarrow (especially used surrounded by bleeding wounds for its styptic effect), usnea (a lichen sometimes directly applied to wounds for both its styptic and antibacterial effects.) In Japan, a buckwheat plaster w/ taro root and ginger is used on such things as unresolved boils, breast and other cancers, fibroids, cysts, tumours, etc. to draw them to the surface of the skin, go and get them to erupt and discharge and then to verbs and heal these discharges through the skin. Mustard and/or onion plasters enjoy been used to similar effect surrounded by other cultures. I know that mustard/onion plasters were also used within Appalacchia to heal lung ailments and congestions, coughs, flus, pneumonia, tuberculosis as in good health. Cabbage juice have been shown to be notably effective contained by healing the internal wounds cause by ulcers.

There are literally hundreds of other choices. These are purely a few choices, and primarily North American at that, except for the myrrh.

As far as "officially proven" is concerned: You brand name me laugh. What does properly proven actually be going to in your word list? If the professional use of hundreds of herbs over thousands and thousands of years doesn't provide executive proof, then what the hell does? A randomized, double-blind study? There've be those made too, but the United States doesn't recognize foreign research results on herb, and will not honor it.

This should be enough info to start w/. If you involve any more, e-mail me.
You could use NeoSporin... but you said "herbal stuff" lol... so.

1 handul of fresh thyme or horsebalm (these contain the compound thymol, the same live ingredient found in Listerine!...)
Add to taht handuls of other potent antiseptics resembling eucalyptus or rosemary (which contain cineole), a mint leave, approaching peppermint or spearment (contains menthol), and cherry birch or wintergreen (which contain the asprin like compound methyl-salicylate).

Crush the herb and put them all contained by a glass jar and cover them near vodka. After a few days, strain out the plant materia and keep the juice in your first aid tools.

When treating a wound, either pour it directly on it, or pour onto a compress and apply to wound

Hope this help!
Turmerric powder
Tea tree oil really works, u can purchase it at vigour food stores.
lavender oil
You want to strengthen your body with a wholefood vitamin..There is a difference between a wholefood vitamin and a synthetic on the knit below, to learn of a great vitamin to bear, and to know the difference..
Bee royal jelly has be shown to "grow" new skin. Unproven by the FDA but have been used for thousands of years. Spread some on a wound and you can almost see the skin reform. You MUST use fresh and pure royal jelly. No freeze dried or watered down stuff. The best place to get the freshest royal jelly is at

I hold done this project in college, so I own experience with this type of research.
I enjoy used a product in this olden called O2-Zap. The product consists of ozonated olive grease.

What O2-Zap(R) Does
Global Healing Center's exclusive formula can be used for any kind of skin condition within order to reoxygenate tissue topically. Great for facial application. Europeans are very soon using this as their #1 beauty restricted for oxygen facials. It contains stabilized, ozonated, organic, cold-pressed olive grease from Italy and trace minerals.

What is Ozonated Olive Oil?
Ozonated Olive Oil is produced when ozone is bubbled through olive oil continuously for an extended length of time. During this time the olive oil change to an off-white paste. This procedure usually take 3-6 months of 24 hr. a day bubbling.

What is the shelf vivacity of Ozonated Olive Oil?
There is no expiry date for Ozonated Olive Oil. There have be reports of oil human being stable for up to 17 years. For long term storage, it should be kept surrounded by the refrigerator or freezer. Dr. Hansler tested ozonated olive oil after 10 years of refrigeration, and found it to be 98% as important in its germicidal power.

Comfrey will make well right over dirt, so be sure to clean the wound first. Apply it topically.

Some influence not to take comfrey out loud, but renowned herbalist, James Duke says it's safer for your liver than than beer.

Just don't give somebody a lift it all the time...with the sole purpose when you need to restore to health a wound.

teatree oil
burdock root contained by a paste or compress
near two that are wildly standard but without ample medical proof

ashwagandha, herb from india
and goji

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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