long does THC stay surrounded by your system?

What can you do to pass a drug question paper tomorrow if you smoked last week? NOT FOR ME SO NO LECTURES PLEASE

If i remember correctly, THC breaks down by partly every 28 days. So after almost a month your down to 50%...then a month after that 25%...don't know how low to test can find a lot more info at
As for endorsement a test really soon, drink lots and lots of marine and things with antioxidants. I'm talkin lots..plan on individual in the bathroom profoundly.
nufing much sorry it stays in your system for 28 days
Differs from being to person, but in general around two weeks.
About a month.
it stay in your system for 30 days. longer if the personality is a chronic smoker.
Tell them to try drinking vinegar.

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