Chinese Herbs?

I've heard how the following chinese herb have be used for thousands of years to treat Asthma:Ku-Shen,Ling-Zi and Gan Cao.
Is anyone familiar next to any of these?
Or know where they can be ordered online?
Thank you within advance.

I use a some of the cures because unlike drugs the side effects from them own benefits and I buy them in pill forms from the cooperation below. The asians have be curing thins for well over 1000 years and still do !
yes they own make it for 2000 years beacause it's well

just own some tea
Oh, there are lots of misunderstandings in the region of the Medicine of
East Asia.

For the herbal treament, we must know at first the status of
whole of your body. Asthma is simply the one side of your problem.

According to your body condition, the herbs are special
variously. Sometimes special herb is neccessory to treat
special disease. However, the other hers for the composition
of prescription are to be selected according to your condition.

For more information, you are requested to stop by
and to read cases in English.
With a condition as serious as asthma, I strongly urge you to find a a Chinese herbalist (who studied contained by China) and have him or her brand name a prescription for you. There are some studies which show the effectiveness of Ku-shen for asthma, but this is not its primary purpose. Ling-zi is used primarily for liver function and Gan cao (licorice) is used as an adaptogen (binding other herb together). You should NOT medicate yourself. The dosages as well as ratio of the PROPER HERBS for your condition should be measured by a skilled doctor of oriental prescription and put together in a prescription created especially for you. or acufinder .com should sustain you to find someone close to your area. Most doctors from China are not thoroughly expensive and can be most helpful.
Herbs and even animal parts are slice of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. The basis of their system is awfully different from ours. They try to balance the different elements.
Try this site to cram about the core:

I would suggest that you find a well trained practitioner to find which of the huge choice of Chinese medicines will work for you.
These medicine are effective, but they could be unwholesome if used carelessly.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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