"PLANTER WARTS" any home remedies that own worked for you?

To be honest with you some articulate try a potato wedge because the tart in the potato draws it out.

Now I know the over the counter remedies do work. They own some that are band aids beside salicylic acid on them that are not hurting to children and they do work. I have tried them on my own son when he be four. It will draw the wart to the surface until you can take it sour with tweezers and it heal. Its not the most homeopathic but effective and painless.
I drank a few beers and dug them out near an exacto after soaking them for a couple hours. I bled for months and don't recommend this.
banana peel and garlic grease. Prick a garlic oil tablet and rub the oil on the wart, cover beside a small piece of banana peel (white side to the wart). Cover next to tape or a band-aid and save on over night repeat until gone. I have really bad planter wart as a kid and this is what we used. Works really fast if you can stand to keep hold of it on the wart 24/7 but it feels really funny.

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