what does a 15 miligram of mophine do to you? how does it make you surface?
im allergic all cillins,tylenol,advil anything over the counter...would this affect me?

It depends on your strain and what type of pain. It's not that big a dosage, but base on your other experience you may feel adjectives the effects! It is an Opioid pain medication (of which Morphine is member of that family). The side effects I've seen within others have be that it really makes you not aware of what's going on, make you sleepy, etc. The biggest side effect most people can't return with rid of with opioid twinge meds is constipation.

You are not limited to morphine, despite the reality doctors love to prescribe that first. If your pain is severe at hand is others like hydromorphone ("Dilaudid") which is 10x more power and act in a different approach than morphine (but is still a derivative of morphine), fentanyl patches, etc.

Ask for a torment specialist if you need discomfort relief!
morphine is a throbbing killer-
i am assuming u have a 15mg pill? okay if it isnt prescribed for u I wouldnt take it...
Depends on your tolerance.
If you're a user, 15 mg of morphine is squat.

If you're not a user, 15 mg should cut abundantly of pain.
If Tylenol and advil effect you next Morphine will probably make you sick to your stomach. Morphine is prearranged to have that effect on most empire.
Morphiates are very adictive and not a devout alternitive to mild to moderate pain and just available with a script. I would want an alternative or cure for the source of the pain in the past self medicating to mask it. Bon Chance!

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