Do Sinus Flushes Help Sinus Infections?

If you have a mixture of saline water and pour it into your nasal cavity near your head tilted over the sink?

I've also hear of a Peroxide and Salt Water mixture.

I have no insurance at the moment and I'm miserable from a sinus infection and I would close to to know some remedies to cure myself.


Yes, my dr recommended Neilmed Sinus Rinse, you can order online or attain at Walgreens or CVS.
I was have constant sinus infections and taking antibiotics every month, then I started using these rinses which do not burn at adjectives and haven't had a sinus infection since.
It's amazing how ably they work. Now the minute I start feeling stuffy I rinse and it keep it from getting infected.
It costs around $12 bucks for the bottle & rinse packets and consequently you can just buy the restock packets when you entail them.
Be careful letting an infection run for too long. Use the salt wet wash but I wouldn't do the peroxide because some of it does walk internally and peroxide isn't good to ingest. I've used acidopholis and other pro-biotics contained by a mixture of cool-warm water. That is righteous to kill the problem as capably as grapefruit seed extract used i equal way.
Get a neti pot. Pour distilled wet (no chlorine - burns mucous membranes) into the netty pot and add 2-3 drops of Echinacea and Goldenseal tincture.

And. . peroxide is EXCELLENT for this (and it doesnt hurt to injest small amounts of food-grade peroxide internally) - here's the cooperation:
Try some saline drops. You can find them at the pharmacy they are called Ocean Drops. They are strictly saline solution. Although nearby is no guarantee of it being antibacterial it will sustain dry up all the congestion within your nasal cavity. I truly wouldn't recommend snorting peroxide in any mixture because it would be most discomfited.
Hi Gump,

Here are three options:

Spray Alkalol 1/2 strength into your feeler. Alkalol is all inborn and available from pharmacies if you ask for it. Price: about $4.00.

Squirt Colliodal silver into your antenna. Cost: $12 to $50 depending on the product.

Sinus Buster. Available at most health food stores and online. Cost: About $15.

Good luck.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a first aid item and is carried by paramedics. I enjoy used it and it is GREAT. You can purchase it at Health Food Store, Whole Foods and I think some drug stores. It costs going on for $10 an ounce, but it is a must have for sinus infections cure and anyone near sinus problems or asthma and allergies. It has alot of other medical uses and it's adjectives natural derived. As a business of fact you can just purchase it from the man that discovered it's abilities and official document it.

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