Does anyone here rob Spirulina?

I recently saw spirulina on Bizarre foods, and they said that it is suppose to be REALLY honourable for the body...I bought some that it cultured in Hawaii, and it is pure spirulina...I only just wondered if anyone else has or is taking it...and does it TRUELY work?

I'm not currently taking it each day, but I have tons, many times within my life. It's literally a super food, and one of the unmatched sources in make-up of beta carotene and many, plentiful other nutrients, especially the more rare earth and more esoteric minerals. There is a thing call BG Bites sold by CellTech out of Klamath, Oregon. They're quick, natural, readymade and you can throw them in your purse or backpack. They cost around a dollar or two each. Spirutein is also a great product, imho. Spirulina is a blue-green algae, approaching chlorella, stabilizes blood sugar, nourishes immune system, heal all sorts of anything ails ya. Good stuff. Can be expensive. Rather than buying capsules or tablets, buy the powder and put it within your smoothies/breakfast beverage. I've even eaten it on popcorn past. Will turn your teeth/tongue bright green, so if you're on your way to work, drink it straight down. Most of the green drinks you see contained by the produce dept. have spirulina or chlorella contained by them, too, ie Odwalla, Mrs. Wiggle's Rocket Juice. As it's very lofty in chlorophyll, it will cool the system, give food to and rebuild the blood and lymph, set off the hormones and cause the liver, nerve bladder, kidneys, lungs and skin to detoxify and cleanse, 'cos that's what things green do (amongst many other things).
It...umm.give me the runs...
I don't take it seperately but it is within the protein powder that I use each sunshine. [Spiru-Tein] which I primarily take for the amino acids and over adjectives health. I will say aloud that I am plenty healthy and markedly rarely procure sick. I can only attach to listen to your body it will tell you when it desires something. Or if you have a specific concern consequently ask that ? and you will get lots of responces. Good luck and GOD Bless
her's a site that give the whole story
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My yoga trainer does every day as fragment of his breakfast and that is upright enough a function for me. This guy is ripped.

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