Has a double-blind study be done on the efficiency of Noni fruit on healt.?

... or are they unable to find a placebo that taste like vomit to conduct the study?

Serious query! Actual proof of its effectiveness, or is it a moment ago valued by private testimonies solely?

NoniJuice is just pureed fruit suspended within water (no imaginative special extraction process involved) which has be known to hold "miraculous" physiological support, all from anectodal sources. I'd call upon it placebo effect. The FDA will not even touch this one. And NoniJuice is quite laughable within the allopathic medical community. It surely doesn't pass my litmus oral exam.

The ORAC score of the Noni is misleading and difficult to duplicate beside accuracy, compared to proven raw sources of oxidative power like any berry next to significant anthocyanin content (per dry weight - Montmorency adjectives cherry, blueberry, rasberry, etc) and bioflavonoid content (citrus containing rutin, tumeric, etc).

If you want an effective juice supplement, email me. I have something far better and have been clinically tested surrounded by an FDA approved study. Not many supplements can attest to that.
This distinctive product is the result of an enormous pyramid structure. There is no scientific proof that it have any positive results, especially the one's that it claims to have. As you said, testimonials are what drives its' sale and the testimonials are coming from people who are trying to breed money selling this "snake oil". Remember, there is a placebo effect contained by anything that you can convince people is right for them.
my wife and I ordered 'hawaiian' noni juice and took an ounce a daylight. After we started to get chief headaches, and could integer it out. We threw away the noni juice and the headache stopped! true story

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