Can we breed a probiotic from a over the shelf product?

can we put the probiotic into milk or something to breed the product so that we dont not need to buy it again surrounded by a period of time?

mmmm, the with the sole purpose safe passageway to really "breed" live cultures is to make kombucha. do a google go through for "kombucha" and you will find someone who is selling a kit for you to start beside.
You would still have to buy the milk. Probiotics are the esential enzymes that we necessitate in our intestines for proper digestion of foods. Yogart is an excellent source of these enzymes and your body will maintaine them unless something kill them off resembling Antibiotics see the resemblance in the name? Anyway some infections of viruses such as flu will also do away with them( by design) to flush out the dead pesties in consequence diahrea. It's a good entry after you have be infected with a bug. It shows that your body is butchery the bugs. Unfortunately many plentiful other [Medications] also strip the enzymes which is why diahrea is mentioned as a side affect. So if you are having regular stools consequently everything should be fine until you need some abet again. For better info on a health Gut as he puts it grasp the book The Maker's Diet by Jordan S. Rubin
Probiotics are active germs. They are healthy to own in your colon. Some will readily grow within store bought milk. Somer are more delicate.

Heat i qt milk to almost boiling. Cool to nearly 100 degrees F, mix the contents of a couple caapsules, or 1/4 tsp moving bacteria, incubate within strofoam cooler for 24 hrs, placing asome containers of very hot sea in the cooler to insure it won't cool too hastily. It will smell and taste resembling yougurt but alot thinner ( no additives). Can be used in place of milk on cereal etc. 1/2 cup or more per daytime.

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