How long does marihuana stay contained by your body? and what can you do to obtain it out of your system?

if you smoke once or twice a week.

30 days...drink a lot of river to flush your system out!
you smoke marijuana and are having a trial arent you ?

DRINK LOTSSSSSSS OF WATER.. it will be in your system for up to 60 days
YOU CAN'T!, unless you stop using it, and consequently it will take awhile to obtain completely out of your system.

Many people hold tried to hide it if they have to take a drug tryout but it always shows up.

It can even show up contained by your hair if they audition that.
Bad idea drinking deeply of water,if you are taking a drug trial,It will show up as diluted and in most states is same as bleak drug way is quit smoking,sounds to me you are already within trouble for it.As my daddy always said"you wore the blister on your butt,presently you have to sit on it"

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