Constipation / Laxative? I stipulation a prompt acting and reliable solution?

Hi, I need a high-speed constpation fix.

I travel for my work, ( Flight attendant ) and need something that will work briskly and effectively before my subsequent trip tomorrow.

This is not a common problem for me so I want to be backbone to regularity by tomorrow, I don't mind what I take, this is a one sour problem hopefully, just the end three days.

Recommendations based on experience please

Search for "Colon cleansing" and you'll find assorted methods. It's also good as it eliminate the cause from the root. I'd influence oxygen therapy would be accurate. It really depends on what you prefer as there are an assortment of methods.
laxative will take up to 12 hours beforehand it works try a stool softener
Metamucil works for me
Question yourself, "Why constipation?"
May be your food habits.
You are not taking required total of water.
You are not taking food beside fibrous content.
You are not using greens.
You are taking foods like, bread, pastries, etc.
If to be exact so, please change your food customs.
If you want medication,
take hoemeopathy tablets.
Nux Vomica 200 (1 dr pills)
6pills at bed time.
It will cure of constipation in a few days.
If you want to steal ayurvedic medicine,
lift "Kayam Churnam"
at bed time.

Why do you ask this exact sound out once a week?
Try drinking a glass of marine 1st. then I don`t know some fruit or even corn. If you drink a full glass of hose down each morning that will start your hours of daylight off on a possitive information. I am very regular but I don't guess that one day is some entry to be overly concerned about. high-ranking elevations will make happen mild dehydration just a trip to the mountains will do so and this will also bring a mild head throbbing. So don't neglect the hose down, especcially if you consume any amount of alcohol.
try aloe vera pills..
Senna, a natural vegetable laxative tablet is available over the counter.
I know you're probably seeking alternate pills but from MY own personal experience, the ONLY thing that get me working THAT quick is an enema. You can purchase them almost anywhere. Most, if all, are already mixed and organized to use!

Whatever method you decide, Good Luck and Safe Flight :-)
pick up Phospha soda
youll blow a hole contained by the toilet
try drinking tea that keeps you regular,similar to anything with senna,also aloe vera liquid helps.Good luck!
drink senna tea the dark before. will variety you poo, but won't give you serious runs.

or whip fiber first think surrounded by the morning, on an empty stomach, but not psyllium - it dries your colon.
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