What are some home remedies to aid ear/sinus infection?

I was merely diagnosed with an ear infection surrounded by both of my ears and a sinus infection. Ouch! I'm unable to sleep at adjectives - and I'm wondering if there are any simple things I can do to give support to ease the aching. So far, medicine hasn't worked. I've tried chicken noodle soup and steam. Steam seem to just be provisional relief.. but I'd resembling to feel nouns for at least an hour or two so I can jump down asleep.

Answers:    peroxide in the ear will facilitate kill the microbes also pouring some salt marine into your nose and letting it drain out the other muzzle will help also for your sinuses, for the cramp laying on roast helps an ear infection or using a blow dryer surrounded by your ear.
Sounds strange, but mix rubbing alcohol and vinegar in cup and pour within ear a few times a day. Works great.

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