Anybody know raw remedies for skin problems?

i'm 15 n gettin pimples on my face......i dont wanna pilfer medicines n appply creams n alllll/ achieve cured naturallly but they leave a muddy spot there.....i dont want dat...they r spoilin ma allure....i wanna a natural cure for acne & to assert a beautiful ,glowing n fairer skin...plz tellll me how to cure dark spots n pimples????

adaptation your diet! no grains/breads, sugars, etc.

drink plenty of water (1/2 of your body solidity in ounces).

and sweat it out - toxins - by exercising (but hose your face beforehand you exercise so you don't clog your pores w/ sweat, then valet your face after you're done).

vitamin a, vitamin e & b vitamins will abet, too.
Vitamins A, C and E would all assistance and also zinc.
First of all, achieve a bar of pure vegetable oil-based soap from the condition food store (all of the soaps in the drug stores enjoy additives), and try using that to wash your obverse every day and do not put ANYTHING else on your facade for a while and see if that helps - lots of things can irritate the skin and effect pimples and rashes.

Lavender essential grease or Tea tree oil will backing heal pimples. Another entry you could try is to clean them beside rubbing alcohol to kill the germs. (works for some people but irritates others - tea tree or lavender should do equal thing next to less irritation).

Your diet can brand a big difference in your complexion. Drink lots of marine (6-8 glasses a day) and try to avoid greasy foods and chomp through mostly unprocessed whole foods, resembling fresh fruits and veggies, milk, whole wheat bread (check the ingredients, avoid ones near too many additives), and unprocessed meat. As a bonus, that will also keep you outlook great and looking great in other ways too - weightiness, hair, etc.

Good luck!
niacin, vitamin A ,and zinc own been used successfully to treat acne. Another important remedy is lemon juice applied regularly have proved very beneficial surrounded by reducing acne and also lightens dark spots. Garlic is set to have cured the toughest of acne problem. Grated cucumber applied over the facade, eyes, and neck for fifteen to twenty minutes have been found effectual. It is the best tonic for the skin of the face its regular use prevents pimples and blackheads.
Natural Herbal pimple Home remedies :

o Wash your frontage with lukewarm sea and mild soap twice a day.

o Wash fresh methi leaves (fenu greek leaves) and grind it to sort a paste. Apply it on frontage and wash it bad with lukewarm dampen after 10 minutes.

o Grind juicy tender neem leaves near turmeric to a consistency of paste. Apply this smooth mixture on acne and pimples. Wash this off after it dries.

o Apply a obverse pack of ripe tomato pulp and wash it sour as soon as it dries naturally (preferably after 45 minutes) .

o Do not hang on to the make up while sleeping. Cleanse it beside a mild herbal cleanser.

o Mix besan flour (gram flour) with rose wet and apply a face pack.

o Consuming fresh vegetable salads and fresh fruits keep the skin healthy and resistant to blemishes.

o Drink plenty of dampen (15 glasses a day)

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