Do oxygen bar do anything?

Or are they just sort of a new-age health-giving gimmick?

Yea. They are amusing. I would probably pay to see a creature
paying to breath in oxygen basically for the amusement I would
get out of it. Every presently and then I'd permit out a gut busting laugh.
They strip the owner's pockets...

We evolved to breathe the 20% or so oxygen content in our atmosphere over thousands of years (or God created us to, blah blah... everyone get political on here at the drop of a hat) we need not breathe more.
oxygen bar do nothing. as it is the human body does not use adjectives the oxygen in the heavens (which is why cpr works, u breath a small % of oxygen in2 them) let alone when within is 100% oxygen being inhaled

apparently too much pure oxygen is bleak for you

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