Does anyone hold experience next to taking Valerian root for its "tranquil effect" does it in actuality work.

i read it can have matching effect as volume. is this true

It is mild. Taking it in massive doses may upset your stomach.
I know of no 'herb' you can get elevated on. Kava Kava is also known for it's sedative effects, but you should not take it near beer or liquor, and excessive amounts can cause liver destroy.
Valerian can indeed have a tranquillizing effect, and if distilled properly can be just as powerful as valium. Most of the essential drops you can carry at supplement stores are fairly mild but are devoted as a calming agent for heaps. If you are accustomed to taking valium however, I doubt valerian will be much use to you.
My hubby drinks tea with valarian root and enormously rarely complains of insomnia anymore.
It works great for me. I've be using it for years.
It's never had any effect on me but I know ethnic group who swear by it.
I have not individually taken Valerian root, but my sister used to have some issues beside getting really excited when she was little, and the doctor used something made out of Valerian root, and my parents right to be heard that it worked very ably.
Yes, it does work. Valerian has be used as a sleep aid for over 1,000 years. Its ability to sustain relax the central timorous system, promote feelings of quieten, decrease level of anxiety and stress, and enhance sleep are known to millions the world over.
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I like and use valerian root for sleep and especially similar to that there is NO hangover impression.
I've taken it before for sleeping does nto work for me. Each time I took the valerian root, it did not back em fall asleep. But I hear for some those it helps.

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