About gargle near baking soda?

hello guys, im suffering from bad breath and i read here and at hand that it can stop bad breath. can anybody permit me know if it is safe and righteous to gargle with baking soda or not? ane answer is welcome

I assure you, gargling a baking soda/water solution is "safe" but beware of the objectionable taste. You can also brush your teeth near baking soda, clean tupperware, maintain your ice taste better, etc. It's amazing, really.
If the problem keeps coming rear legs you should, as someone pointed above, see some health nurture professional. It might be problems with your stomach, or you might enjoy some bizarre food allergy that causes it too. Also, when brushing your teeth, bear a few seconds to brush your tongue.

Oooor, if you haven't eat anything and have bleak breath, eat something. Empty stomachs result in icky breath too. Yup, yup, yup.
Not sure if it helps, but it's undisruptive.
no its nothing wrong next to that but if your breath is like that on a regular idea u might want to try brushing your tongue while you brush your teeth or see a doctor. Sometimes it could be comig from your stomach.
baking soda is not safe to gargle beside use something like Dr.teshener r something

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