So tired of one sick...?

I'm sick..congestion is causing lots of coughing and a stuffy proboscis, it's really frustrating considering i've been sick profusely lately (although i plan to stay taking vitamin c ASAP). Any suggestions to help alleviate my symptoms? I've been drinking marine and taking a few meds.

I take Vitamin C (500 mg) twice a light of day, 12 mg to 50 mg of Zinc one per day and 2 capsule Echineacea twice a day.
Take a ginger and Epsom saline bath, only sponge off and budge straight to bed. This lowers the triglycerides and allows your body to inhibit any fever or germs and you will feel resembling brand new tomorrow, sleep great too.
Use cough drops that red flavored with vitamin c and or zinc surrounded by them.
Place Vick's vapor rub on chest to help you breath while you sleep and it cuts out the mucus and flemg.
PS: Don't forget to purify it off previously going out, because you absorb menthol into your skin, so you would be open up to much and could get pneumonia. Menthol take down the inflammation in the bronchial tubes and frees breathing.
Allergies can be paid a person be aware of like they hold a "forever" bad cold. Try some Claritin. There is a generic brand that's really cheap and it WORKS. Try it and I bet you will touch like a million bucks soon. All the best!
Looks similar to you have a discouraging bout of cold, congestion and cough.
I will list a few household medicine for you. Try and let me know.
· Vitamins are most favourable in warfare against the cold as well as other diseases. Vitamin C, also particular as Ascorbic Acid, is helpful surrounded by preventing the colds and it can be found in several foods such as citrus fruits, some vegetables.
· Zinc is also helpful for cold that can cut colds short. When you first get the impression that you may be getting a cold, start taking zinc
· Garlic, as well as onion, is sometimes taken for the nouns of congestion and minor infections.
· Horseradish is another herb that has an excellent property to treat sore throat and upper respiratory tract infections, reduce fever, and expels concentrations of mucus.
· Another important remedy for sore throat is to gargle with a strong solution of table brackish and warm hose. Gargle several times a day.
· Echinacea is an herb that act as nature's antibiotic. It helps to increase the body's imperviousness and thus helps contained by fighting against the infection and bad health.
· Goldenseal is another herb that acts as a organic antibiotic, and can be taken to help row against the cold.
· Add 1/4 teaspoon of table salt to in the region of 5 ml lukewarm water. Use this solution as a nasal drop. Use 1 to 2 drops contained by each nostril going on for 3 to 4 times daily.
· A ginger tea can be prepared by boiling ginger surrounded by normal tea. It give relief to congested muzzle.
· Drink a teaspoonful of ginger juice mixed next to equal quantity of honey.
· Take hot river in a bowl and put some Thyme leaves. Inhale vapors by covering commander with a towel.
· Add 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 shot of lemon liquid, 1 shot of whiskey to a coffee cup. Fill the remainder of the coffee cup with steaming hot hose, stir, and sip until cold is relieved.
· Make hot chicken soup with lots of garlic. Have when hot. It will relieve unclog nasal passage.
· Warm 1/4 katori mustard; join 4-5 cloves of chopped garlic. Apply this on nose, chest and put a bet on. Cover up and sleep.
· Boil half a bowl of sea, add few drops of eucalyptus grease and inhale the steam.
· Sage is used to cure sore throat, stuffed nose, gingivitis and coughs, is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Use as a gargle.
· Warm up coconut grease. Gently massage the coconut grease over the child’s chest for about 5 minutes. Repeat like on the upper portion of the back. The work should be given just formerly child goes to sleep.
· Avoid sugar (even colloquial sources) as it can impair immune function. Orange juice contains a much highly developed level of sugar than vitamin C. Therefore consuming lots of ginger juice during a cold may do more damage than good.
· Chilies, especially Jalapeno, are the best, most available and most efficient antiviral.
· Elderberry has be used for centuries to treat colds and flu. Recent research indicates that elderberry fruit extract may de-activate cold and flu viruses by preventing them from replicating.
· A diet rich within fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, low saturated fat and whole cereal will provide protection against infective organism. Raw fruits and vegetables are better than the cooked one.
· Take 1 tbsp of fresh gooseberry juice near 1/2 tsp ginger. It is a very forceful remedy. This can be taken regularly to prevent recurrence of cold.
· A tablespoon of ajwain crushed within the palms and tied up in a shrunken kerchief can be used for inhalation to relieve nasal block.
· Boil 1 tbsp of pepper powder in a cup of milk along near a pinch of turmeric. Add some sugar for taste. Drink this once a morning for three days.
· Prepare a mixture by adding 1/2 teaspoon honey next to 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice. Take this every 12 hours. Honey relieves the itchiness by moisturizing the throat hall
· Take 0.5 pounds (250 gms) of sweet apples daily for a week to cure cough.
· Soak almonds overnight and remove their skin. Make a fasten of the soaked almonds with little butter and sugar. This is markedly useful for dry cough.
· Mix 8 - 10 tablespoons of coconut milk next to 1 tablespoon poppy seeds and 1 tablespoon of pure honey. Take this every dark before going to bed.
· Prepare a mixture by count a teaspoonful of honey with a few drops of brandy. It help to relieve cough.
· Mix equal parts of limejuice and honey.
· Combine a cup of grape juice and a teaspoon of honey. Mix powerfully to prepare an effective remedy for coughing.
· Mix 1 teaspoonful lightly cooked onion juice beside 1 teaspoonful of honey. Keep it aside for 3 to 4 hours before drinking.
· Apply hot mustard pack on the chest. This brings down confusion, eliminates toxins and speeds surrounded by recovery. If needed, repeat every other daytime for a week.
· Deep breathe in front of an enlarge window. This have multiple benefits. Exhaling vigorously rids the body of lavish gases and cavernous inhalation saturates the lungs next to oxygen.
· Chop an onion finely, put it with a tablespoon of clear honey within a screw-top jar and leave overnight. In the morning, drinking a teaspoonful of the liquid produced will give nouns to cough.
· Garlic-and-onion chicken soup is also an effective remedy for cough .
· Drink hot tea beside lemon and raspberry jam, drink as much as possible.
· Drink hot milk next to honey at bedtime for cough relief.
· Slice 2 snow pears into small pieces. Add 3 bowls of river and boil until the water have reduced to 2 bowls. Strain and discard the pears, and add 30 grams of rice to the gooey. Boil again until rice is cooked. Drink the soup.
· Peel 50 grams fresh ginger and cut into small slices. Boil the slices with 100 grams maltose within 2 glasses wet for 30 minutes. Drink it hot, twice a day, within one day.
· Boil 20 red date with 60 grams maltose within enough sea. Eat once a day.
· Prepare a mixture of 5 fresh-pitted olives and rock sugar; steam them for partly an hour. Eat the olives to help near chronic coughs.
· Steam 2 unpeeled tangerines with 30 grams rock sugar to relieve coughs next to a yellowish mucous discharge. Eat the tangerines at bedtime.
· In one cup of warm milk, add on a pinch of turmeric powder (Haldi) and drink twice a day.
· In one cup of heat up milk, add 2 – 3 strands of saffron (kesar) and drink twice a year.
· Mix half a teaspoon of tulsi liquid with partially a teaspoon with ginger liquid. Add 1 teaspoon of honey. Take the above mixture 2-3 times a day till symptoms subside.
· Take 1 cup of hose down and add 4-5 leaves of tulsi; a small piece of ginger (adrak) and 1 teaspoon of jaggery. Boil this mixture over slow grill till the quantity become half a cup. Drink this at smallest 2 times in a morning.
citrus c tabs....
I know this may nouns "off base", but I wonder, since you mention you've be sick a lot for a while, if here is an emotional component to it. If, possibly, your body needs you to "slow down" and adjustment a few things about your existence, and it is trying to get you to purloin "time out" to "rest" and "take stock"... to prepare to readjust your vivacity in some passageway, and then to treat it by gathering vim to clean things out within some form after the resting and stock-taking is done. Just a thought.
Vitamins A, D and C go together and work near Zinc. A bit of sun bathing may help, too.
Try rubbing Vicks Vapo Rub on the bottom of your foot at night and later put socks on. It will stop you from coughing. It sounds like an dated home remedy. When my daughter had RSV the pediatric physician told me more or less this. I tried it and it worked for her. Then I tried it when I was sick and it worked for me. Give it a shot! It can't hurt anything. Good Luck!
For nouns of coughing and congestion:
For myself and my four children, I put on a pot of water to almost boil. i pour it into a chalice bowl so it remains hotter longer. I put me and the bowl under a towel, sheet or blanket and breath severely until the water cools. Don't be afraid to hold a quick breather if you inevitability it. You should also take a washcloth or foot towel with you as your facade will get adjectives drippy and maybe your proboscis too. I do that about three times a time or whenever the congestion comes back. I do this until I don't identify any more congestion. It usually doesn't take more than two days. It works for sinusitis, colds, flu and allergies. For a really special treat, make a payment a drop or two of your favorite essential oil or even some vicks or vanilla flavor to the river. Just don't stick your face right over the bowl as it will burn. Breath strongly or it won't work. A way cheaper alternative to purchasing a facial steamer or running your shower to steam your bathroom. Feel better.
All the other warning is excellent. Are you extremely stressed? Staying up too late? Working too much? Take things slower and allow your body the time it wants to heal. Take everyone else's guidance on the supplements. Increase your vitamin C intake - go to bed rash.

Another thing I would consider is food allergies. I wonder if surrounded by addition to one under the weather - you are also allergic to dairy. Regardless, dairy will worsen your congestion. So stay away from milk, eggs, cheese etc until you acquire better. I never knew I have food allergies. I was constantly fatigued and have terrible migraines every 4 or 5 days. I finally took a blood experiment (IgE) and found out I was pretty allergic to peanuts, milk, and eggs... I'm a snickers and peanut m&m admirer.. but the migraines were extremely tight - so I quit eating peanuts entirely. I'm migraine & congestion free presently.
Are you sure you are sick? I was simply diagnosed with egg allergies and allergies to trees and mold. For the second year I have freshly thought I was sick adjectives the time and couldn't figure out why- I live a really able-bodied lifestyle. You might want to see an allergist if this is something that happens regularly.
If it is just a stubborn cold I would influence to take acidophilus. Sounds category of odd, but seriously of stubborn colds go away when you achieve more good germs in your intestines. And logically take a angelic rest for a few days.

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