Chigger bites?

i got chigger bites adjectives over me from picking wild blackberrys what is the best to draw from rid of them all

Camphor or any menthol, I don`t know Vicks! Anything with menthol within it works, also it takes in the region of 2 days to work but is very remarkably dependable, put it on everytime you think of it or newly wait till it starts itching again, after reapply!
Cover the area near camphor. The confounded itching is from them releasing an acid to dissolve your you. The camphor will relieve rid the pesky little critters.
I put clear finger nail polish on them. It suffocates the critters. It have been the solely thing that I enjoy found to get rid of them and keep hold of them from spreading.
That's what I was going to voice -- clear fingernail polish works for me.
put bleach in tub water, or wipe some on each bite. It works.
camphor or clear pin polish Dont ya hate em....
When I be a kid I was plagued by chiggers to the extent that one summer I be barred from the city swimming pool because my legs be covered with scabs where on earth I had scratched the chigger bites.
Calamine lotion and camphor would control the itch for a little then needed re-application. We tried Lysol within the bath hose down but I don't remember if that helped.
Learning to of late ignore the itch finally get me over the problem and applies to moquito bites, bee stings and other minor annoyances.
Mind you this was 50 years ago and I hadn't see the bleach or fingernail polish solutions. I wonder if there would be side effects from 100-200 spots of fingernail polish on your body.
The clear fingernail polish is desperate info. Once you notice the bite, the chigger have eaten and dropped bad, so the fingernail polish is simply sealing the "crime scene". Apply hydro cortisone to assistance with the itching, clean up any clothing/bedding that may still be infested in HOT hose, and wait it out. If it does not give the impression of being to be getting better contained by a week or so, and/or if you appear to be getting an infection, (probably by scratching...), see your ancestral physician/dermatologist.
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