Too much Vitamin C, Lysine, or Zinc?

A friend who is well-versed with alternative medication recommended some vitamins for a particular infection that I'm conflict. I know that some vitamins and supplements could have distrustful effects if too much is ingested. My question is, are here negative side-effects (or a dosage limit) next to these three vitamins/supplements?
Vitamin C

Thank you!

Vitamin C is water soluble and any excess is eliminate automatically every day. Three grams a daytime is not a problem (and is in certainty the amount recommended by the Vitamin C Foundation) but if you take much greater amounts you could shutting down up with kidney stones. More than one gram contained by one dose is not recommended. If you nick say three grams contained by a day build sure that it is three times one gram.

Lysine is quite locked and three grams a day is not a problem. Even greater amounts are unlikely to impart you any problems. Perhaps amounts greater than three grams a day is overdoing it a bit.

Zinc is markedly dangerous and toxic if you give somebody a lift 80 mg a day or more. 25 or even 50 mg a year is OK. As zinc and copper interact a large intake of zinc could head to a deficiency contained by copper because the zinc is likely to be rapt preferentially at the expense of the copper. If you take vote 50 mg of zinc a day next you may require a copper supplement as well.
Vit. C. The notion that in attendance is no danger surrounded by taking Vitamin C. since the body excretes it anyway is outdated. Evidence shows that especially in elder people (30+) vit. C. can start oxidizing which isn't accurate. Zinc is best taken with Copper since it lowers copper level. L-lysine? See the link below. Be mean with this too because it seem to affect your cleansing system such as the liver easily.
anything too much is discouraging
The supplement on this list you would want to be most particular w/ is Zinc. Under no condition would you exceed 80-100mg of per day from adjectives sources. The person who told you to steal it w/ copper is in some ways within great error in that the potential for copper overdose is VERY large b/c you only have need of very little (like 1-3mg. of copper/day and that it is markedly, very stable within the body--not excreted particularly effortlessly, not particularly confidently leached out of the bones or blood, omni-present in marine that comes through copper pipes. Yes, too much zinc WILL interfere w/ your copper balance, but the road you deal w/ i.e. to not take too much zinc, not supplement w/ copper which can potentially put together you extremely ill surrounded by tiny doses.)

I would not worry roughly the l-Lysine at all as I hold known relatives to take more than 4,000mg of it per year w/ no known side effects. Caps are usually much more decisive (more absorbable) for folks, and usually come in 500mg quantity, so even at 8 caps/day, folks are still quite fine. There are some practitioners who find that the larger doses are needed to be healing. You would be best to consult a naturopath.

Contrary to the first responder, I would not worry around qtys of Vit C so much. What I usually tell inhabitants is to achieve a healing dose for your body, take it to bowel tolerance (that is, the point to which you carry diarrhea), and then support off by 500mg until the diarrhea disappears. I find the USRDA for Vit C is so low as to be unlikely and is in no style reality base, but that's an opinion. I enjoy had some folks report that they broke out within a rash after taking Vit C, which again, would not verbs me. Just cut back on the number or look closely at using Ester C powder, a minerally buffered type of Vit C supplement. For any questions on Vit. C, consult Linus Pauling's work, Balch and Balch's Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible or numerous other text in your condition food store/vitamin shop for starters, your qualified healthcare practitioner for a next step. I do recommend moderation within all things, but even more than that, I recommend doing your own research into ANYTHING you put into your body, and surrounded by listening closely to that body. 2,000mg of Vit C (2grams) isn't within my opinion going to hurt anybody, and I do find it totally, very of use in my body.
vitamin c to lend a hand boost the immune system if you suffer from colds, l-lysine to help boost shipment it is used to help children who don't want to munch through much. zinc for bone structure, i would think this combination be prescribed for someone who is underweight and suffers colds and who doesn't enjoy much muscle mass.
Of course there is. There is a dosage hinder on all vitamins, herb etc...For your own safety you should one-sidedly investigate on which ones have smaller number negative side effects. Some are really dangerous if too much is ingested. Go next to the recommended dose on the bottle.
As long as your Vitamin C source if from a food-based vitamin, published research shows that amounts in excess of 10g per year are harmless. Also, food-based vitamin C contains the indispensable co-factors for metabolizing the nutrients which means that smaller quantity is excreted.

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