Can you put antibiotic cream and honey at alike time on a wound?

Is it beneficial or just a correct idea to put antibiotic cream and honey( Manuka UMF10 ) over an infected wound?Or will they cancel respectively other? I read about the great benefits of honey contained by wound healing, even if antibiotics are resistant.Would it even be better to put individual honey on it? Does anybody know about that or hold any experience?Thanks


I would clean the wound and put triple antibiotic balm ONLY on it.

The practice of putting honey on a wound has be around since the time of the pharaohs. Honey has be found to have anti bacterial properties, which, while not nearly as significant as modern antibiotic ointments, be far and away better than nothing.

I saw once where on earth someone actually tested one against the other, by putting honey on a cut finger and antibiotic unguent on a similar wound. After three days, the ointment finger be nearly healed, while the one treated next to honey was, though not infected, pretty far from man healed.
I would first put on the antibiotic, after after a couple of minutes add the honey.
I would use one or the other. You wont catch full effects of either if used at like time. I'd rather use the honey.
I would recommend newly using the honey. There should be no need for both.
Not ALL honey have theraputic benefits. The type of honey you are hoping to use is MANUKA honey.
Use them both. There will be no nagative side effects in doing so. However not together. If your antibiotic cream is used every 4 hours, Use the honey surrounded by between so you are dressing the wound every 2 hours.
The Honey should have ACTIVE 12+ on the sticky label or higher!
She have listed the type of honey she's using. It's not approaching she's trying to rub store honey on herself.. read her question.
If it is unprocessed honey, I'd just use that.

Tea tree grease also works great for preventing and healing bacterial and viral skin issues.
try using tea tree grease instead. it's a natural anticeptic that isn't sticky.
I hold an appointment with the tribal Shaman tomorrow, I'll ask her.
i'm not a doctor but, my best guess would be yes. i don't see how they would quash each other out.

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