About Himalayan Goji berry liquid.?

Theres this clamor about this Himalayan Goji Berry Juice surrounded by my area. I want to know from someone who have actually tried this product for 6 months and update me if the fantastic claim about this is true. Please, poeple who are directly affiliated near companies producing this product, dont give biased answer. I want answer from someone who have actually objectively tried this product. Thanks!

Mercola studied it, and the claims that the coarse fruit is good, but the cooked liquid is not so hot.
I would try it, but it tastes close to diesel fuel!
I tried it (but only for 1 month). Not impressed! And when you start trying to find the medical evidence that's supposed to be there you'll discover pretty like a shot that it's exaggerated, at best.
There was a unharmed show dedicated to uncovering the truth almost Goji juice on TV. A laboratory tested a taster of the drink and found out that the label on the bottle is false. They spoke to the owner of the company/distributor and he refuse to comment on ANYTHING regarding the accusation that there is in truth nothing polite in the drink. I hold a unopened bottle of it at home, and I refuse to drink it after audible range about that. I would suggest a fitting organic multi.

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