Can ancestors drink rubbing alchohal?

or is it dangerous

Yes, rubbing alchohal is best for dining out or at any formal function. To hand over a more radical fondness you can mix it with hydrogen peroxide for a more heat up feeling.
yep it can destroy you
You can drink anything that's liquid, but rubbing alcohol could manufacture you go blind, and turn your liver into bond.
Check the bottle indications and warnings. I'm sure it will enlighten you no, people cannot drink Isoprophyl.
Yes, inhabitants can drink rubbing alcohol. Yes, it is dangerous.
uuuuu rubbing alchohol is not made from food its derived from wood and is Very dodgy
it kills stupid drunk folks
no its only for external use and if you drink it you will capture really sick but probably not die, so you can drink it but i wouldnt
Drinking rubbing alcohol first causes blindness, and later the person dies a horribly sensitive death due to organ blight which takes a long time! (i.e., VERY BAD passageway to kill yourself!)
Stick to Jack Daniels - that will butcher you much more slowly! (ha ha!)
No it will make your blood sugar progress sky high.Plus it will verbs your liver as well as engineer you spell really bad..right to be heard for instance "alchohal"..
Rubbing alcohol, these days, is synthetically produced isopropyl alcohol diluted near water to 70% strength. This is not fit for consumption.

Rubbing alcohol is an alcohol intended to be rubbed on the skin.
Frequently 70% iso-propyl alcohol / 30% dampen is used; sometimes ethanol with added
iso-propyl alcohol is used.

The alcohol drinkable is the ethanol, used within alcoholic beverages. Sadly many associates wishing intoxication look for other style of alcoholic products, and doing so more than getting intoxicating, can kill themselves.
uweee I wouldn't even try that!
It's extremely uncertain. It causes blindness and afterwards death.

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