Do u recommend any guided meditation albums (CDs) to verbs up the subconscious mind?

I read that the negative information stored contained by the subconscious mind causes strength and pyscological problems etc.

You are right, the subconscious mind can sometimes play havoc with you. It is because of the subconscious mind that you feel negative, own psychological setbacks. Your mind becomes "programmed" surrounded by a particular comportment which causes you to construe in a refusal way. Schizophrenia is one such example.
If you cannot concentrate while meditate, then unequivocally, guided meditation helps closely. There are a number of sites which extend you free meditation techniques.
My suggestion would be a compact disc called The Secret-Universal Mind Meditation. It works wonders at reprogramming the subconscious mind. For more info. on guided similes, meditation, breathwork, etc. visit
Its an interesting site beside tons of good info.
Good Luck
I'm doing a trial at a site immediately that has some pretty fitting albums for relaxing. you can't download them, only streaming audio but my computer is surrounded by my living room so I play music while cleaning and doing paperwork at home... I travel also so it works out well for me.
I've email them several times and i obtain good responses...i don't devise they're a huge company, but definitely worth checking out if you want a obedient long term expediency. They have meditation rooms also kinda approaching lime but they're in motion not slide shows.

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