Can i guzzle it adjectives contained by soon?

can i eat vitamin D,antibiotic,tablets adjectives in in the future?

Depend on what antibiotic u r taking. Anyway, better don't take vit D and antibiotic together, may hold interaction between them. Take in different time surrounded by one day. Some antibiotic should be took b4 food, some after food. I suggest u consult a pharmacist.
Yes, but space it adjectives out and eat some food contained by between.
Have you been prescribed adjectives these medicines? If yes why? Dont try any self medication unless you are a doctor yourself, or lower than medical supervision. You can eat adjectives in in the future but there should be some nutritional supplements for any vitamins to conduct yourself fully. Space out the antibiotics as they can drain your energy level so you have to chomp through some healthy foods. What is the potency of the antibiotics and what are they for? You should be greatly clear when you ask questions. Antibiotic tab are very potent and should not be taken when within is no infection. It may cause you more mar than benefit.

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