About treating cancer next to urea consumption?

hello guys.
a friend of mine has be diagnosed with liver cancer and wishes to try
urine therapy, as u guys know treating ability of urine is mostly
becouse of urea in it and another friend of mine who is a chemist
suggests that surrounded by order to retrieve time we should give the long-suffering uric acid which is the most impressive part of urea contained by treating cancer, our question from you is that do u recommend oral consumption
of urea to treat liver cancer or not and if yes do u reckon cosuming uric acid is more potent than urea or not? and which one of those mentioned above are more effective? urine, urea or uric tart? and what can be the doses relating to any of those substances? thanks contained by advance and waiting for ur urgent responce

That's brand new to me!
Are you a complete idiot ...enough said.

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