Home-remedies for wart on the appendage.?

my 3 year old cousen have warts on his hand, my unt dosen't know what to do, but she knows that she dosen't want to lug him to the Doctor.

crushed fresh garlic works, but be very wise not to get it on the surrounding skin. it burns away the wart.
duct cassette...it works..the glue suffocates the wart..bestow it on for a few days..
Raised growths on the skin or mucous membranes, warts are cause by papillomavirus. The virus enters the skin through a cut or a gash, then incubates for several months up to that time blossoming.

Warts come in several variety. Common warts infect the hand, face, knees, or scalp, especially those of immature children; they are hard, grayish, and rough-textured. Flat wart are flattopped, flesh-colored growths, sometimes itchy; these occur essentially on the wrist, the backs of the hand, and the face. Particularly stubborn are plantar wart, which grow on the soles of the feet. These wart are flat because of the pressure put on them, and they are often fundamentally painful. A fourth assortment is genital warts, pink cauliflower-like areas that require direct treatment. In women, genital warts may infect the cervix and do a greater risk of cervical cancer.

There's more information, including some herbal treatments, below:


Good luck!
Duct tape in reality works wonderfully. Some dermatologists will use Tagament OTC also. Salycillic Acid (OTC ward remedies) and wart Freeze off also work very well.
I would get some food position 12% hydrogen peroxide. My mom had a wart on her foot and she used this. She only just put some on a q-tip, and dabbed it on everyday. Your body readily produces hydrogen peroxide in a cell organelle call a peroxisome anyway, so this is something your body does naturally. Now, hydrogen peroxide is features of caustic at that concentration, so produce sure it doesn't touch any uninfected tissue, but the wart should start disappearing immediately. And build sure to keep it out of get of your cousin because it is harmful taken internally. Ciao!

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