Best Vitamins For teenages?

I would like to know which are the best and most powerful vitamins for a 14 year feeble boy?

Also if Centrum are the best vitamins can I take the Centrum A to Zinc or the Centrum Performance Multivitamins because i hear their really powerful?

i don't want the Children Multivitamins because their weak!

The 1 that give me the best answer wins 10 points?

A broad-based program of nutritional supplementation is a obedient idea for adolescents.
Here is a document of the supplements.

Vitamin A ( as beta carotene) 15, 000 units

B vitamins:
B-1: 10 mg
B-2 : 15 mg
B-3 : 100 mg
B-6 : 25 mg
Pantothenic bitter: 100mg
Folic acid: 400 mcg
Don't use routinely huge doses of B vitamins. In addition to human being unnecessary, they can make acne worse. Also don't run a supplements that include B-12 in multivitamin pills because a mixture of B-12, C, and copper within the stomach can change B-12 into a unfavourable substance.

Vitamin C : 1,000 mg
Vitamin E : 400 units

Minerals -
Magnesium: 300-500 mg
Zinc: 15 mg
Copper: 1 mg
Selenium : 100 mcg
Manganese: 10 mg
Chromium: 400 mcg
Molybdenum: 400 mcg

Also cut out Iron because it blocks the absorption of zinc, copper, and manganese.

Essential Fatty acids( EFA's ) - Buy separately.

Flax-seed grease: 1tablespoon/day or
Walnut oil: 2 tablespoon /day.

Choosing a multi/mineral supplements
Look at the sign .
The amount of vits and minerals should be the same as above chart.
The bottom or matrix for preparation should have a inborn base.
i give somebody a lift onesource...and im a 13 yr old girl so who know? maybe itll work for you...and im a wimp so i help yourself to gummy ones but adults can take them and they can be multivitamins or beside alot of vitamin c. whichever. you can get them within pills or nice better tasting gummy ones. yayy...

[[they are for adults or kids...partially for children, one whole one for nation our age]]

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