Pain reliefs and safe drugs for rheumatoid arthrities + overlap syndrom?

I have this disease from 1996. and extremely badly suffering so far.l m taking drugs.accordingly to the monthly taken blood reports l consider its slowly harming my lever.presently l want to know about non-hazardous drugs ( with little side effects ) pl direction

My advise is to dance the a rheumataligist as there are oodles things they can give you very soon for this. I take several drugs for mine and own relief from it presently...but don't take things you don't know just about or your Dr. recommends as it could aggravate it more.
Hi near,
There is a great little natural pill call the sendi pill.It come from Indonesia and I know my self it is great for pain painful sore backs rheumatoid athritis and adjectives sorts.
Only takes a couple of days to be aware of better.
Have a look here about it.

enter the dub dub as it wont fit surrounded by here. and its .co .nz

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