Does any one know a really dutiful innate home remedy for chigger bites treatment? Not Nail Polish.?

PLEASE, no stupid answers like bathing contained by bleach and kerosene. Only stuff you have intuitively tried and used and you would tell your mother almost.

I know this sounds weird but I enjoy first hand experience beside this. My little sister came home beside this from a camp one year when we be younger. My mom's best friend... a vet, told my mom to have her go in swimming with a suitable flea shampoo (Mycodex is the name of the shampoo my sister used, it is an antiparasitic pet shampoo). It worked! You also necessitate to wash your bedding beside hot water and bleach, setting one of those bug foggers (bombs) surrounded by your house while nobody is home would be a good hypothesis as well!
seriously not bathing contained by bleach but my granny used to put a dab of bleach on respectively chigger bite
it works
Sometimes chigger-bites form little blisters, and way we treat our bites at that stage is a cotton square wipe next to rubbing alcohol, rub the blister until it pops and then touch lightly on some neosporin ointment and put a bandaid on it. Depending on how drastic a aversion you have to chigger bites [sometimes the "itchy area" get as big as a silver dollar!] the alcohol soothes the area, soundly pops the little blister, and voila, the itch goes away.
yes a mop of bleach will do the trick and not hurt you...also Vicks Vapo Rub works well ... but you obligation to go to the drugstore and obtain a commercial over the counter preparation that you need to put adjectives over.. If you just chase around the bites the eggs are contained by other places and will hatch tomorrow, also wash bedding surrounded by bleach every day. these things can be disagreeable and spread to other members of the familial.. get to the drug store asap
Chickweed is a adjectives plant found in our stern yards and is an excellent plant for adjectives sorts of skin irritations.
Lavender and Tyme essential oils are also well brought-up.
Another plant that can be used that grows right in our backbone yard is Broad-leafed Plantain. Just crush the leaves and apply them direct to the skin.
For more info on herbal remedies and how to prepare them, you can look in
Camphor ie Campho phenic or something like i.e. the safest and most effective item that I have found. The itching is in actual fact the little critter has used an sharp to dissolve your flesh (at the risk of sounding crude) but it's true and if you haven't scratched it raw even so then as have been suggested bleach will eliminate most anything. But the camphor has for a while more of a soothing affect.
I've tried using banana peel. It is really polite on mosquito bites, so I tried it on chiggers. Not a cure, but it helps satisfactory to keep you from the funny smallholding. Just cut off the stem hard by the top of the banana and rub it on the bite.
Squirt it with windex. Works approaching a charm.
Itching, hives or welts, and skin blush can be relieved by following the usual treatments for these symptoms. These treatments basically involve the use of hydrocortisone creams or antihistamines. There are also commercially available products as specific treatments for chigger bites.

Time is the best treatment for chigger bite. The feed tube is what creates a lot of the symptoms and it cannot be removed. However, eventually the body breaks down the skin tissue that forms the tube and the curative begins. This process can cart from 10 days to three weeks.
tea tree oil for any sympathetic of itchy bites works wonders.

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