What is your greatest hangover cure?

My my. Well, my best hangover "prevention" is one pack of Emergen-C drink mix in 10oz marine along with one piece of wheat bread and partially a banana.

As for "Cures", I take a multivitamin and drink a mixture of 50/50 Orange liquid and water -- purely a big glass full. Then one tylenol and one ibuprofen. Also, I put a cold pack on my forehead. Thats adjectives I got. Or some organizer.
well see dangle overs happen because alcohol dehydrates you. so subsequent time u drink take surrounded by lots of water. adjectives i say is to drink as much marine as possible right now.
don't drink at adjectives
Plenty of clear fluids with nutrients contained by it, rest even if you can't sleep it off, rest by limiting buzz. Attempt to get within a low stimulation environment. Go to a movie or something where it is brown, air conditioned, and you can simply sit.
v8 juice, lots of fluids to re-hydrate, b-complex vitamin tab (hi-potency) to boost vim, food to absorb any residual alcohol.

Next time. drink plenty of fluids when you hold alcohol. You won't be as near hung over. 1:1 is view, but any additional fluids (water is preferable) you can ingest thru the hours of darkness will definately make you perceive better in the morning! Drink on a full stomach to slow down absorpition into the bloodstream.
I swear this works every time. I own the worst hangovers presently. Whenever I first started drinking I never had them, but presently I get them to the extreme. I acquire massive headaches, punch is drained to a T, and I throw up ALL day to the point where on earth I dry heave because I hold nothing not here to throw up. I actually didn't drink for awhile because my hangover were so painful. I tried everything in the world. It if truth be told ended up to be still simple. Drink LOTS of water. Here is how it works. Me, I own a high tolerance, I drink almost a in one piece fifth of vodka to get drunk, down it straight. So...vitally what you need to do is drink perchance 2 glasses of what you drink...after down 3 glasses of wet etc. If you don't like to do that...whenever you stop drinking for the darkness, drink massive amounts of water, and I be going to MASSIVE. Hangovers are basically dehydration, which is why you surface like pure ****. If you hydrate your body you will hold no problem. It works every time for me.
Good luck. I know how bad hangover suck.
As much greasy food you can eat.
Hamburger beside the lot.
Hot chips and gravy.
Wash it down with chocolate milk or can of coke.

Vitamin B is accurate too (berocca)
A hair of the dog.

After a few drinks your hangover go but if you overdo it then, as you would expect, you are destined for another hangover.

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