Best cold medicine?

What are the best cold medicines out nearby you? I hate have to keep taking cold drug every 4 hours, just as it seem to work I have to start taking it again, is in attendance any medicine that works right away and last longer. I am sleeping, taking vitamin c, and drinking plenty of juice/water. Just looking for a medicine to lend a hand me too.

day barb and night barb is really good. if you carry head ache or migraines excegrine migraine is AWSOME!
Medicine is only a suppressor, it doesn't cure your cold. You are right abou taking more water/juices hang on to to it. And vitamins, stay away from it. Too much vitamins pill ain't good for your body. I would suggest that you run more fruits like red, lemon, guava,etc. Take it whole not liquid. As for te,porary relief of your cold, sniff hot steaming river over a pail, it does give a hand very much ( Add for a time of Vaporub in it)
ask roughly Tussionex...It will make you forget adjectives about self sick

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