14yr antiquated son have migraines almost every friday?

sometimes gets under the weather, says phantasm in right eye doesn't work occasionally during these headache. doesn't want to take pills.doctor and optometrist read out he should grow out of them in the subsequent few years. what can we do for now to relief? without pills? he may be of a mind to try a natural remedy/pill but doesn't want anything "man made"

Try to pin down why Friday is especially discouraging. ~
That may get you a clue as to what is cause it. Nothing is really 'man made', it's all taken from character. If the pain get great enough, he'll appropriate something.
I had migraines for over 50 years and know. Always took the minimum medication obligatory to get rid of it.
Have him put rime on it (wrapped in a damp cloth).
My 15 year old sister have the same problems! Doctors thought she be saying she have them for more attention from the family. We took her to try-out her vision and that be fine. She ended up going for CAT scan and MRI scans. The doctors finally discovered she have Hypoglycemia. Many of the symptoms are the same for Hypoglycemia. I suggest getting his sugar checked and start him on a low cooking oil and low sugar diet.
I too am a migraine sufferer and succumbed to taking medication because I was missing too much work and existence in broad.

But...find a health food store within your are and go ask if they enjoy anything that may help. I follow that taking Feverfew is a good alternative to medication. I never tried it, so can't say.

As far as growing out of them; I adjectives my migraines from my dad who started getting them when he was roughly speaking your sons age. He did not get rid of them until he be about 50 years of age. So your son may own a long haul.

Try the vigour food store and ask if they know of a doctor of natural/alternative medicine surrounded by your area that may be capable of help your son. I yearning him luck.
I have to concur beside chimp.. he should get a CAT scan and MRI. There may be a tumor growing and cause pressure on a/some region of the brain. This is not something to dismiss. The sooner the exam the better.
Topiramate is a pill used for babies who get epileptic seizure. It doesn't have a buzz or side effects. I'e be taking it since 2004.

It worked for me and everybody I told about it. Brand baptize is Topamax
There's a new nouns in migraine psychiatric help:

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