I have the question.. do you have the answer?
1. How lots mosquito bites do you have??
2. How do you prevent them?
3. What is the best road to relieve the itch??

***** So, do YOU have the answer??Lemme find out!****

none and i live where on earth they thrive
avon skin so soft cream, they caint stand them
cortizone cream works best
1, i kill musquitos, put toothpaste on ( no joke)
About 20

Off spray

cortizone cream
1. right presently none
2. with OFF u can receive it at wal-mart
3. with rubbing alcohol
1. 3
2. OFF or other spray
3. calimine lotion, or aloe vera
Ammonia take the itch out... Dont get bit...
1.in the region of 3
2. bug spray
3. afterbite
1. One
2. Bug Spray or clothes that cover all skin
3. Make an X mark with your fingernail on the bugbite
1. 0
2. Take malaria pills and bug spray
3. Itch Medicine
1.none(so far)
2.sprays and special lamp
3.creams, and rubbing alchohol helps sometimes
Prevent..use Avon Skin So Soft..as for itching, rub a wipe of baking soda on the spot.

I dont have any because my counsel works...
i used to have so plentiful mosquito bites. your best bet is just to use the spray repellant religiously, and to relieve itch, the best working point is just rubbing an rime cube on it.. it works wonders!!
I used to have 3
use A special spray
Put a cream reccomended by doctors.
1. i enjoy 2 mosquito bites at the moment
2. i spray bug spray on me
3. theres this itch relief i use
1. none rigt in a minute
2.spray bug spray on you
3. put some peroxide on it
45bites (I'm NOT kidding) ;bug spray; benadryl cream
i have resembling 5 right now. in that really is no good means of access to prevent them except bug spray. and putting benadrill spary helps it also rub them do not mark.
1- 2 mosquito bites
2-by not being around them or bug repelent
3-witch hazel
I don't currently own bites, i prevent them by using bug spray (OFF is the best, or anything with citronella) or covering up, and calamine works for me... not the one that's pink, that's misshapen. use the clear one...
or use ice and the lotion together, but don't mark
witch hazel and alcohol will cool it down and sooth the pain pro tem,
but calamine and hydrocortizone will relieve the pain the longest,
if you are somewhere where on earth there is diseases, hold preventive meds,
speaking from personal experience and hundreds of past bites
I hold one mosquito bite.
Prevent them by spraying on bug repelent or plugging in those bug repelent thingies.
Putting on lotion or taking a pill (that's what I do, at least).
1. None that I know of.
2. I wipe out them when I see them.
3. I use Tiger Balm.
I currently have none.
You use OFF bug spray.
Use newborn powder...it always works!!
1. none
2. bug repellent
3. clear fastener polish
1.no mosquito bites right now

2.stay indoors

3.don't know how to relieve the itch!

Itching resembling mad right immediately! Only it's poison ivy or something like that! from my elbow to my wrist! I can't stand it anymore! So I aspiration I knew!
First yes I hold the answers
2-OFF soft & dry
3-If you don't have bites why do you obligation to relive the itch.(my brother has alot -he should own listened to me-he uses benadryll cream)

***AGAIN yes I enjoy the answers***
1. I have far too copious mosquito bites to count.
2. You can prevent them using off! bug spray or put mosquito torches within your backyard. Some natural repellants work the best.
3. Calamine lotion relieves itching moderately well. However for a fast fix I found using your nail to put an x surrounded by your bug bite and then not thinking more or less your bug bite actually relieves the itching for a time of time.
1. None

2. I take B complex vitamins & garlic pills
Mosquitos don't approaching the taste of them within your blood.
It also gives stale an odor (people can't smell it) thru
your sweat glands
3. You may be allergic to them
(some people are more than others)
So an antihistime lotion or spray (Benedryl) will help out
most effectively take the itch out.

Good luck!
You can relieve mosquito bites by putting hydrocortizone or an anti itch cream on it on them. I return with stung by mosquitoes alot, I started spraying OFF on me before I go outside in the grass. It seem to help. I hope that help you.
i have loke going on for 15 mosquito bits cause i go camping.the route yo pervent them is by putting mosquito repellent.the best way to releive the ich is to put on lotion and dont scrape.i am scratching right immediately.good luck
right very soon none
prevent them by taking garlic pills that can be bought over the counter in adjectives supermarkets as the flies dont like blood/smell

usually i other get bitten but end summer i had non e thanx to garlic!!

relieve itch by using cold muscle freeze or applying drops of olive grease on the sting

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