Does Alka-Seltzer really cure urinary tract infections?

I just hear this and it sound too apt to be true. But I was told that if you start taking Alka-Seltzer as soon as symptoms set off it clears it up quickly. Does anyone own any experience with this?

Yes, you could use alka seltzer. The sense is because it is alkaline in humour, just approaching baking soda, or calcium citrate.
Alkalinity helps preserve the bacteria that cause UTI's in check.
Calicum citrate would be my first choice, and clutch up to six 1000 mg capsules a sunshine, 2 at a time.

If you take a product to be exact alkaline when you FIRST barely, even start to discern the effects of a UTI, drink plenty of fluids to flush the bacteria, you may know how to effectively flush your system out.

You can drink cranberry juice if you want, it is also kind, but make sure it is low sugar.

Avoid caffine and carbonated beverages (I am not considering alka seltzer a carbonated beverage). You can even run a product like uristat or cystex to facilitate with strain.

HOWEVER, if your symptoms continue after 2-3 days of self treatment, you must see a doctor. Unchecked UTI's can turn on to cause most important kidney infections that could require hospitalization.
I just recovered from one and why not only go to a doctor and grasp antibiotics instead of fannying around with hangover cures?
I haven't hear that one. But cranberry juice & abundantly of water will.
Urinary tract infections are cause by bacteria. In demand to "cure" a UTI, you will need an antibiotic that will gun down bacteria. Alka seltzer doesn't work.
Do you hold to shove that huge tablet down you co ck/piss flaps?
I've never heard of that. I've have a few. When symptoms first begin, drink 2 goggles of cranberry juice (not liquid cocktail) and 6 glasses of marine (or about a liter) respectively day. You want to flush your system and construct it more acidic. If your symptoms concluding more than a couple of days, go to the doctor since it becomes a bladder infection that will be more throbbing and harder to treat.
stick with cranberry liquid, over-the-counter urinary tract medications at the grocery/drug store, and drink plenty of hose down. If you don't get better, turn to the doctor. Sometimes the only method to treat these is with antibiotics. Don't mess around beside rumors, stick with things that own proven to work. And don't forget to not wait too long past seeing the doctor. You run the risk of screwing up your kidneys and bladder if you tolerate it get raging.

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