Anyone use coloidal silver?

ok i've heard plentifully of about this supposed coloidal silver, does it really work? My friend give me a bottle of the stuff and I drank it, but it sort ended me up contained by the bathroom if I took over 12 ounces of it at once..

I'm not sure if it did any good, i be wondering if anyone else had postive or denial experiences with it, or even enjoy heard of it?

the stuff is hecka expensive..

Colloidal silver is a powerful bacteriostatic agent to be exact supposed to be good for a long record of health problems. A Yahoo query for "colloidal silver" + "health benefits" will report to you much more.

If you overdose on colloidal silver you could end up near argyria and this has certainly happened to a few ethnic group. You had better do a Yahoo turn upside down for argyria and hope that you won't get it because more than credible you have taken heaps times more than the maximum safe dose. A teaspoonful at a time is the sort of dose that you as a rule take once a light of day.
You only inevitability a VERY limited amount of silver or gold ingots in your diet. That in one piece bottle you drank was probably plenty for 2-5 years...
It absolutely does NOT work to cure any human ailments. In mixing, it could be very unhygienic to you in hulking amounts. Speicifcally, you could develop argyria (a permanent, blue-grey discoloration of skin/nails).

The merely thing it is moderately upright for is purifying water supplies.

Don't dribble away your $.
It can be great if you use it in small amounts, over an extended term of time.

It's about as un-smart as you can receive to chug a large amount at once.
Colodial silver is microscopic particle of silver. The silver acts similar to an antibiotic and small amts. are used 3 times a day to eradicate germs. I had an eye infection and it took charge of it quickly by using a dropper full surrounded by an eye cup that I rinsed my eye with.
In the ancient days before antibiotics farmers would wipe up a silver coin and put it in the milk can to help hang on to the milk from turning.
you only make the addition of a teaspoon full to a glass of dampen or juice once a sunshine. It needs to be pure. In other words the individual ingrediants listed on the sign should be the colloidal silver and pure water. Don't trust it if anything else is within it. Colloidal silver has be proven to work against many oodles types of infections. It helps treat ulcers, unstop sores, stomach and intestine problems and so many more things that when tested, it kill more bacteria than any single anti biotic. I use it as a supplement respectively day. It doesn't pilfer the place of seeing a doc. But it DOES work.
Well, you weren't supposed to drink the whole bottle adjectives at once. I use it when I feel approaching I'm coming down with a cold or the flu as it's supposed to decimate of bacteria. All you stipulation is a few drops in some wet.
12 ounces at a time is probably excessive, and expensive. I use Silver soulition, which I get at

They recommend with the sole purpose about 1 tsp per time. You dilute it in a cup of water. I receive it part of my morning routine. It have never made me sick.

Previous answers suggested this is a waste of money. specifically their opinion. My source cites numerous studies that indicate colloidal silver is powerful against 650 disease organisms.
Tthe supplement is very devout. but why did U use such big amount?
You took way too much of it. Your single suppose to take at the most 1/2 teaspoon once to twice a sunshine. Your body reacted from the immense magnesium overload. Try taking it properly on a daily basis in a stout beverage as a supplement. Everyone suffers from deficiency within those particular minerals and it does impair proper brain function. You might perceive a certain alertness after while if you bear it religiously. Optimum or Mega vitamins might be a better alternative for you and they have those minerals plus extra goodies that enjoy you feeling wonderful. They enjoy those at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. I have have people consideration a difference.

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